Monday, May 01, 2006

The New Series

Sadly I missed the first 2 recordings because I was away on holiday.

We're now into our 5th recording (next week) and it's always such a delight to work on this series.

The show just keeps going from strength to strength and it is now a truly self perpetuating thing of delight, constantly fuelled by a team of highly enthusiastic and clever people (not me, the Production team and Qi elves, although I am highly enthusiastic) and superlative guests, fronted by one of the most intelligent beings on the planet, who is also enormously funny and charming.

I glanced over to the team in the Gallery the other day during a recording, and couldn't help noticing their beaming faces, almost constantly smiling, interrupted only by occasional huge belly laughs...not something you see on every production that's for sure, and something that makes you sit back quietly and reflect upon how fortunate you are to work on one of the finest TV quiz shows ever made.

If you don't have tickets to see the show (and hopefully there's still some left) I urge you to come down to a recording, where you'll be treated to hilarious moments, out-takes and little asides that don't make it on screen.