Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Series 4

Series 4 begins filming just after Easter, so book in quick to get tickets if you haven't already done so (it may even be too late!)

The set has just come out of storage, and is in the process of being given a dust down by a team of highly skilled scenic dusters.

Every inch of its surface area is painstakingly cleaned, sterilised and re-painted in readiness for a brand new series.

As its Series 4, based on the letter D, we are only allowed to use Dulux paint. The set previously having been rubbed down with D grade sandpaper, by a carpenter called David.

By late April, the precious cargo will be traveling by road in a specially commissioned (D reg) articulated lorry, from Shepherds Bush to the South Bank.

The driver, Dan is only permitted to travel on roads with the letter D in it, which does however create logistical problems for future series.

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loulou said...

Hi I am a huge fan of the show- love the design. Good luck with future series. I don't envy you when you reach 'Q'